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Welcome to our handy dandy sponsorship page.

Below you will find a form to fill out if your interested in Surly participating in or sponsoring your: ride event, consumer or dealer tradeshow, summit, expo or shop support for shop sales event.

A few things before you get too much further. We get a lot of these requests, and I would be lying if I told you we fulfilled them all, far from it. Now, we're not trying to pee on/in your dreams. We think dreams are awesome, especially when they involve bikes (or even Surly bikes) and should generally be devoid of pee. We are endlessly flattered that you love our stuff so much that you want to ride it and rep it and show it off, it's super cool. That's what makes us think of you as being another nerd in the big nerd-love-fest that is the Surly family. The thing is, for the mostpart, if you see someone out there on one of our bikes it means that they bought it, which means we just don't give that many away. This really does help us keep cost down for everyone and insure that our dealers get the business they deserve.

As for other types of sponsorship (shop events, ride events, races, polo tourneys, swag, etc) we do what we can (which often isn't much, I mean look at us; some of us have been wearing the same pants since September). We would love to spend all year traveling around the country and participating in various bike events. Who wouldn't? We prefer to support events that we can actually go to. It's sort of gross to us to sponsor an event and not even show up. We like to be there and get to know folks. It's not how the big boys do it, but hey we just learned to tie our shoes, so big boys we ain't. In fact, some of us aren't even boys.

Now that you know how stingy we are with our stuff and if you haven't been scared away by our "Surlyness" fill out the form, and we'll read it (seriously, every one) We try to get back to everyone in person, though in all honesty that doesn't always happen (remember the pants).

Sponsorship Request Form