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Why Front Loading?

Over the years, we’ve been finding new and better ways to haul stuff on the front of our bikes — from fork braze-ons to racks to bags. The Pack Rat is the culmination of all those years and is specifically designed around porteur-style racks and front-loading optimization. Why would someone want to strap a bunch of crap to the front of their bike? Glad you asked.

Front loading offers several key advantages over the traditional rear rack and panniers set-up:

  • It puts all your stuff right in front of you.
    • With your gear close at hand, it’s easy to keep an eye on and quick to access. The days of fully dismounting to put on your rain jacket are behind you and the days of grabbing a snack while riding are in front.

  • It’s quicker to load and provides more flexibility than panniers.
    • The large, wide platforms on porteur-style racks provide a plethora of options for strapping your crap down no matter how weird or oddly-shaped it may be.

  • It enhances the ability to balance the weight of the load.
    • We’ve all ridden with a pannier full of groceries. Some of us have wiped out around a sketchy corner and watched as our precious eggs and bananas go flying every which way in an act of Mario Kart-level carnage. The weight in front of you keeps the bike much nimbler and allows you to more efficiently use your body English to steer from the rear and avoid such a super market massacre.

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