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  • Surly and YAWP! “Bikepack Against the Machine”

    Surly and YAWP
    Sep 23rd – Sep 25th
    Colorado Trail section 2 trail-head parking lot at 10am on the 23rd for 11am roll out
    Buffalo Creek wilderness, Colorado

    Surly and YAWP! "Bikepack Against the Machine"

    Who: Open to all! (No assholes)
    What: A "loaded" ride to a beautiful base camp and starlit throw-down.
    Where: Buffalo Creek wilderness, Colorado
    When: Friday Sept 23 - Sunday 25 2016
    How: Meet up at Colorado Trail section 2 trail-head parking lot at 10am on the 23rd for 11am roll out.
    Why: Surly and YAWP! want you to come ride and party with us. Revel in nature, trail and let your cup overfloweth. (Psst* Free Beer)


    Apr 15th
    Ordinary Bike Shop
    Three Points, Arizona


    On April 15th Volume III of The Great Cowtown Campout IS GOING DOWN. As good as it gets. The cream of the crop. You get the picture.

    What is it?
    Well, a TON of people meet at Ordinary Bike Shop and we ride out to Cowtown Keeylocko to meet hundreds of people to celebrate life with bikes, bands, booze, dancing, and lots of quality shenanigans. We've got it all going on. This here is a PACHANGA ladies and gentlemen! This one goes to 11.

    This ain't the Ritz. We're camping in a REAL cowtown here. Bring your camping gear. We've got warms meals and toilets for you, what else do you need?

    ---THE RIDE ---
    THE RIDE WILL MEET UP AT 2:00 PM AT ORDINARY BIKE SHOP. It is about 40 miles of straight long highway with a few miles of unpredictable dirt. Sometimes the dirt road is hardpack and easy, sometimes it's loose and sloppy. The idea is to be self-supported, but we want to be able to invite everybody on the ride! So if you can't bring your own camping gear on your bike just throw it in the shuttle before the ride. We have a baggage claim system this time around for those folks who will be shuttling their camping gear out there.

    --- FOOD ---
    Ed and the ranch hands will be grilling up some absolutely delicious eats again. Remember the pigs from the last event? Well... there are a couple less of them out there for this event because we're offering you a farm fresh pork dinner. Raised and cooked right in Cowtown Keeylocko. DANG!

    If you are vegan or vegetarian and wanna buy food from Keeylocko let us know ahead of time so we can have food for you, too!

    --- DRINKS ---
    The Blue Dog Saloon will be serving up drinks until our best gent or lady hits the dirt. You're allowed to drink anywhere in Cowtown Keeylocko. Get a beer from the bar and take a walk through the town taking it all in. Just don't bring your own booze, that's what the Blue Dog is for. Carrying beer is heavy anyway.

    + Surprise events throughout the night. We're not pulling any punches this year.
    + Local Bands.
    + Karaoke.
    + Arizona's premiere short-track race "The Second First Annual Cowtown Keeylocko Cycling Classic Volume 3" will take place long after the sun goes down for the rowdy crowd.

    For the brave only. The details of this highly prestigious and incredibly grueling event will surface at MIDNIGHT at the Blue Dog Saloon. Entry Fee is a 4 beer purchase from the Blue Dog Saloon. Prizes will be announced with the event details... the fire jump is coming back with a vengeance.

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  • Motor City Urban Throwdown w/Metropolis Cycles

    You, me, Metropolis, AND THE WORLD!!
    Apr 8th
    Metropolis Cycles
    Detroit, Michigan

    Surly is proud to be bringing our 4130 steel to the Motor City, teaming with Metropolis Cycles for an Urban Ride filled with good people, good times and plenty of shennanigans to boot. We'll be bringing a van full of our 2017 models, Stragglers/650b Stragglers, Troll, Krampus, Karate Monkey, Flat Bar Cross Checks and even a Big Fat Dummy.

    This is an all inclusive ride. Don't have a Surly? We got ya covered. Don't want to ride a Surly? Well guess we'll still get along.
    Bring whatever bike you want, it's a no drop, casual pace.

    It gets better-check this, after the ride, Ted and the gang at Metropolis have agreed to host a post-ride Happy Hour at the shop. Prizes and drinks will be provided. Just show up, and we'll do the rest. Cool?

    Saturday, April 8 at 5 PM - 9 PM EDT
    Metropolis Cycles 2117 Michigan Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48216

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  • Surly Spring East Coast Urban Tour

    You us and some steel bikes
    Apr 6th
    Yellow Haus Bicycles
    Rochester, New York

    Yellow Haus Bicycles and Surly Bikes team up for an evening Urban Ride featuring some of our 2017 4130 steel bikes. We'll have a van full of 2017 Stragglers/650b Stragglers, Flat Bar Cross Checks, Trolls, Krampus, Karate Monkeys, and even Big Fat Dummy! Come experience the Surly Ride.

    This is an all are welcome type shindig.Get it? Ever sit awake at night and wonder what makes a Surly so great? Me too. Awesome, we'll have a bike for you. Don't want to ride a Surly? Cool with us, bring your own. Everyone is welcome.

    Thursday, April 6 at 6 PM - 9 PM EDT
    Yellow Haus Bicycles 987 Monroe Ave, Rochester, New York 14620

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  • Surly Spring East Coast Urban Tour

    You and your bike. And your friends. And their bikes. And some of ours.
    Apr 1st
    Bicycle Habitat
    Brooklyn, New York

    Bicycle Habitat and Surly Bikes join forces to bring NYC an evening of 4130 steel- " A Surlyside Story". We'll be doing an urban ride from the Bicycle Habitat-Vanderbuilt location. This is a no drop, all inclusive ride.

    We'll be bringing our finest urban bikes- Straggler/650b Straggler, Troll, Krampus, Flat Bar Cross Check, and even a Big Fat Dummy!

    Don't have a Surly? Ride one of ours. Don't want to do tha that? Ride your own bike. Don't have a bike of your own? Buy one from Bicycle Habitat!

    Also, did I mention that there's a Happy Hour at the shop afterwards? Prizes, giveaways, high-fives, food and some beverages will be provided.

    ...Did I mention the thing about the Happy Hour?

    Saturday, April 1 at 6 PM - 10 PM EDT
    Bicycle Habitat 560 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11238

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