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You’re waiting until spring to buy a touring bike? Pansy.

Going into stock as we speak (in the US of A) are Blue Velvet (also known as Hill Street Blue and also just Blue) Long Haul Trucker complete bikes. We don't have many for this first go-round, but maybe it's just enough for you... and for the sit-tay.

The new 26" wheel version of the larger sizes are part of this deal. Not all sizes will be arriving (woe be on you 60cm riders), but most will. They are cool. Trust me, I have one. Does it look a little goofy? Goofy like a fox!

700c wheel version http://surlybikes.com/uploads/blog/BK6856.jpg

26" wheel version http://surlybikes.com/uploads/blog/BK6858.jpg

Call your local bike shop and make them order you one.

I dare you.

Here's a picture of the Nuge.

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Eric is one of the best people you’re likely to meet. He’s one of the folks you’ll reach if you call or email us. In fact, for more than many years he has answered questions about choosing the right model, what size you should get, and why toe overlap probably isn’t that big a deal. He is often Surly’s front man at events, easily recognizable by his tall height and probably unnecessary megaphone. Eric works remotely from a small office in the beautiful singletrack-rich town of Decorah, Iowa, where he lives with his lovely wife and son.

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