Arrow Head 135 Grande Depart

The other day, I took my Instigator out of it's winter hibernation. I basically looked at it, petted it a little, then put it back. Spring's right around the corner, dontcha know? It seemed necessary to think about my favorite bike to ride in the summer because several of us are about to go freeze our asses off for the Arrow Head 135 that starts today (assuming it's Jan. 26th, 2015). We've usually had some presence there one way or another because it's a really great example of how cool bike events (or running or skiing if that's more your speed) can be. But this year, we're sending a crack team of people too dumb to feel cold up there to work the event and generally run amok in the forests of Northern, MN. It's gonna be a 'bottle rockets' of a good time. We packed the tipi and the stove and I'm gonna derby Dave when he pulls into our checkpoint.

So, moral of the story is; get stoked.

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