Global Fatbike Summit In Color

T$ and I headed out to Jackson Wy. about a month back to hang out with fat bike lovers and haters.  We rode some fun trails, held a demo, soaked in the hottub of doom, and rode some more trails.  Here is the story told in pictures.

Snow King Resort was our home for the weekend

Went and Rode the Cache Creek trails in Jackson.  They got a bunch of rain before we arrived and then it got really cold.  Made for some terrible roads, grippy trails, and awesome frost beards.

We held a demo all day Saturday, and Sunday Morning.  The big hit of the weekend was the Moonlander Ops, nobody had seen or ridden it until the Summit.  Trevor and I brought our Ice Cream Trucks which were perfect for the trails just outside of town.


Most of our time not spent riding or wotking was spent in the hot tub of doom.  It was slopeside, and Snake River Brewing was just down the street providing easy access to hot tub libations.

After wrapping up the demo on Sunday we took part in the industry ride.  Some locals led us up above Cache Creek to the top of the mountain.  Along the way were great trails and views of the Tetons.  Above is resident metal head, QBP demo mechainc, and all around events killer Aaron D.  He and Manderson (lead events killer) ripped around with us for the weekend.

A couple random shots to leave you with....Apparently you can just tow your kid around on skis these days, and order shots at convenience stores in Jackson.

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