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Chitlins Con Dump



Its Friday and that means its time for Dumps with Chitlins. I'm not even sure what a Chitlin is, but I'm sure its bound to be tasty.

Its been a whille since I've done a musical dump and although I could not find a video, I offer this up for some tunes as you enjoy the dump.

Skip it or play it whatever your taste.

On with the dumping...e


Moab, UT

Seattle, WA

Buena Vista, CO

Orlando, FL


Truckee, Ca

Manchester, UK

San Francisco, CA

St. Charles, IL

British Columbia

Elfin Lakes, British Columbia 

Manistee, Michigan

Akaigawa, Japan

Vancouver, Canada

Bozeman, Montana


Well that is all for the dumping this week. Where will you taek your Surly?

Heres what cha gotta do...

Step 1, Get your camera

Step 2, Ride you Surly

Dump it HERE and I make it famous. 

I'm out for the weekend. you guys have a great one and I'll see you out there. 


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