Surly CycloFemme Ride 2015 : Into the Woods

So it's settled!

Well mostly.

We are working on some tricks and ticks but have the basic lay of the land figured out. Here are the details du jour:

Who: Us! Me and you and some other people (Mostly women. Men are allowed to come in support of the women.)

What: Riding bikes packed with camp stuff ~ 20 miles out; camping and riding ~ 20 miles back in the morning

Where: Meet at The Depot in Hopkins, MN; ride to secured campground in Waconia, MN with a stop at a soon to be announced halfway point in Excelsior, MN

When: Sunday, May 10th roll out at 1PM, ETA to halfway point is 3PMish, ETA to campground is 6PMish


Register: Surly Monkey Registration Link if you wish to be guaranteed special treatment and a spot at the group camp site

Facebook Event for more info and what nots: Surly CycloFemme Ride 2015 on the Facebooks

This will be a no drop ride. It is for the good times and the giggles people. I understand a lot of you are power horses that think 40 miles is not worth your time (yes I was given this as a comment from my last post) but you are missing the point. This ride is in support of a world wide ride day that has been gaining power and riders around the world every year.

And let's face it, riding with packs and other people that love Surly and women riders is going to be a damn good time no matter how far or how hard we pedal. As long as we pedal, good times will be had by all.

Now pony up people!

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