The Surliest Dirt Fest Ever

That's probably not true, it probably wasn't the surliest Dirt Fest ever, but for us it certainly was.  Since we've never really had a chance to go before. What a blast.  We met some super cool folks there, got to ride bikes, drink beer, eat bacon (in many forms) cook a ham over the fire, eat the ham we cooked over the fire, and generally have a great time.

Our hats off to all the folks at Dirt Rag who make it happen (and all the folks not at Dirt Rag too who helped make it happen). We had a ringer with us taking pictures (Brad Quartuccio) when he wasn't too drunk to stand (which he mostly wasn't)(mostly). Here is what he came up with.

The second night I bought a spiral cut ham and we cooked it up with the Salsa crew. (Actually Ben from Salsa cooked it up, sucker)(And yes we hang out with them, especially when we Tom Sawyer them into making us ham)(Thanks Ben...sucker)

The next day we were slammed, at least when all of our demo bikes weren't out we were. Kate stayed strong though.

Trevor and Kate took a big group out on a "Fatbike" ride while I held down the fort. We took a bit of Surly beer from Minneapolis with us for those folks. As you can see I drew the short straw on that one.

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