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Dump Du Jour

It's glorious Friday again. As I sit here at my computer, the skies are blue and trees are green. Time to ride. So, as we do every Friday at Intergalactic HQ, here are some more pictures of all of you riding Surly's in cool places. Here we go. 


Lake Toya, Japan

Port Hills, NZ

Wayzata, MN


Woods in France

Nagpur, India

San Francisco, CA

Leesburg, VA


Brighton, UK

Anchorage, AK

Portland, OR

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Jackson Heights


That's all I got this week. I got to get outside and enjoy some of this blue and green scene. Next time you're out riding your Surly, snap a few photos and send them in. Everybody's doin' it. 


I'll see you out there.


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