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This has just been handed to me by the Voices in the Mothership:

As you may have seen on our blog a couple weeks ago, our friend Johnny Kohtz has left Surly for the green pastures and liberal alcohol purchasing laws of Lincoln, NE. In his place, I have accepted the responsibilities, headaches, and liver abuse known as Surly Product Mangler Manager. Formerly one of the product engineers, we are now searching for a bike nerd to fill my old shoes.

Here’s a brief rundown of what we are looking for:

• Experience developing products and bringing them to market
• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering [Mechanical or similar field]
• Proficiency with Solidworks or similar CAD platform
• Willingness and desire to test and evaluate product.

specifically from Thor, our other Enginerd

“Surly is looking for a product design engineer who is ready to turn their passion for bikes into a career, and almost more importantly, a lifestyle.  Someone who likes our products, but is also critical of them and not afraid say something sucks.  Someone who understands what makes steel bikes rad.  Someone who values function and durability over good looks and popularity.  Someone proud to call themselves an engineering nerd.”

Interested and qualified candidates should go here for more information and/or to apply: Design Engineer II. QBP is assisting with the hiring process, you need to apply with them through their system.



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