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A Dump Can Never Die, It Lives On In The Mind and The Memory of The Dumper

Every week I post more pictures and every week the dump just seems to keep growing and growing. After just under two years, it's the biggest part of our website now. Thank you everyone who has submitted a bike, and to all of you out there who keep riding and waving the Surly flag. I've been saying this a lot lately, but without you there is no us.

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About Gern Blanston

A rider-slash-Surly fan who somehow bounced like a quarter at a drunken college mixer into what he thinks is pretty much the swellest job a fella could have, it is Tyler’s job to determine how Surly should seek attention to its products and itself generally. He has an extensive background in children’s theater, which is, perhaps not surprisingly, a good fit for the marketing manager of this company.

Continued Bloggage

Stainless Steel Narrow Wide…

It’s that time of year (ok, in 6 weeks) when mom and dad (QBP) throw their winter mixer (Frostbike) for all the friends and relatives and colleagues and various political leaders (awesome dealers and LBS’s). Of course they want us there. What kind of proud parent wouldn’t want their greasy…

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Surly USA Superfan Coupon

So this thing has been happening to me lately. Once a week I send responses to all the folks out there who want us to sponsor their trip across the world, or taco stand or beer drinking contest. Most of the time I tell those folks “No”. Which is for…

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