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That's how it all started for me and many other Surly riders. My first Surly was an 05 green Cross-Check. That, for me, is what sent me down this path. I like to call it the Cross-Check the Surly gateway drug, it certainly was for me. Now my house is full of them.  I had one of those "A1" brand bikes for my first bike, rode the shit out of that without knowing that I was in the dark the whole time. The Cross-Check is a bike can be built, re-invented and built up something completely different. Its also tough enough to take whatever you can give it, on road or off. Its kind of like a Summer lover but when your ready for something new, you just re-invent it. That's why it still makes me cry on the inside when I think about how it was stolen from me. Alas, I hope somebody out there is diggin' it.

So while the weather has me thinking about commuting and my old metallic green 05 Cross-Check, I thought I'd show some of the ones you guys have been sending in. Let's get to it. 



Jaraguá do Sul - Brazil

Ipswich, Queensland

Portland, OR

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Chicago, Il

Akron, Ohio

Road in California

Los Angeles, CA


Devon, England

Saigon, Vietnam


Comacchio (Ferrara Italy)

Lake Major, Italy

Deeside, Scotland

Pasadena, CA

Elyria, Ohio

The Big Penn, Pennsylvania

Denver, CO

Saint-Petersburg , Russia

Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Hastings, Michigan

Whitby, Ontario 

Atlanta, GA

Milwaukee, WI

Fort Worth, TX


There are pleny more of these but I gotta stop. Go check out the Dump and you'll see what I'm taking about.

What's that? You say you have never ridden one? Do yourself a favor, go see a dealer and throw a leg over one soon. It will make you feel GOOOOOOD! 

Upload your Cross-Checks and other Surlys HERE

I've gotta find a beer.

I'll see you out there.



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