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Yankee Doodle Dump

​Here we are again on a long weekend. One of my favorite of the year. This weeks edition includes bikes from only 'merica! From sea to shining sea baby! 

Minneapolis, MN

Mountain View, AK

Bill at work. Houston, TX

Ted Kickin' Tunes, Houston TX

Dummy Haulin' Tunes, Portland, OR

I just love this pick with the sticks.
Deer Creek Reservoir, Utah

San Francisco, CA


Diamond Trail, Oakland, CA

Marin Headlands, CA

Davis, WV

Sedona, AZ


Buffalo, NY

Well that's all I got for this week folks. I am gonna do somethin 'mercan like drink beer and eat a hot dog. Have a great 4rth everyone and we'll see you out there. 


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