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650b Stragglers Have Landed

Hey Pals,

I once wrote a page for the 2015 catalog about the 650b Straggler. It talked about the virtues of the 650b wheel size. I said witty things like “650b wheels were popular on 'Constructuer' style bikes, and we all know how real shit was back in the day” and I extoled the virtues of the wheel size saying “It mitigates toe-overlap, makes it easier to fit smaller riders and is more nimble than it's larger counterparts.” Blah blah blah.

All of that stuff is true and now it's possible for you to get one, because guess what! We have complete bikes in stock now.


So yeah, we have complete bikes that came in to our warehouse at QBP in sizes 38-50, and frames in those same sizes by the end of next month. Sadly the 38 completess are already gone. We undershot how many people we thought would want a bike that small. It'll be late summer before we see the 38cm bikes back in stock. We're only doing complete bikes in the 38-50cm sizes and frames will be available in what we're calling “extended” sizes (52-58cm) in the fall. A bit of a long way out, but many of you have clearly learned the virtuous nature of being patient.

For the short stacks that missed out on the 38cm completes, I'll repeat that we should have a shipment fo the frames in 38-50cm sometime in early February, or as I like to call it Fabruary, because it's FABULOUS. And it's gonna even more fabulous because we'll have Straggler 650b frames by then.

Call us or your local bike shop if you have questions. Call your local bike shop if you don't have any questions and want one of these bikes.

Go ride your bike.

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