United States


Eric Sovern
The Mouth

Where did you grow up?
I growed up on a farm north of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. No jokes required there.

Interests? Hobbies? Do you even have any?
I like to hang out with my kid, ride bicycles, stalk trout with a stick and a string, play the banjer, and fix up the old home place.

Who do you think you are, anyway?
I’m Batman.

Top ten factoids about you that even your co-workers may not know. Go.

  1. Can’t think of a food item that I don’t like to eat.
  2. My feet are big because I’m tall.
  3. I believe truly that I could fly a helicopter with almost no training.
  4. I’ve had 39 jobs.
  5. My hair started going gray when I was 26 – oddly, the first year I spent in the classroom as a social studies teacher.
  6. I wanted to be a truck driver when I was a kid. I blame BJ and the Bear.
  7. I was in a band in junior high called Jagwire.
  8. I’m a volunteer firefighter.
  9. Horses give me the creeps.
  10. I have just been given a prescription for tri-focals.

Who or what influences your behavior and why?
I come from a family where bicycling, politics, and shitty puns were important parts of life.

What would you say your job is around here?
I talk to people about their questions and problems with Surly parts and stuff. I help bike shops get what they need for the people they help. I try to keep it real – and loud.

One sentence to say what you want to. Go.
Bikes are pretty ok.