United States



Where did you grow up?
Mayer, MN

Interests? Hobbies? Do you even have any?
Bikes, dirt bikes, motorcycles, vans, muscle cars, drawing, looking at drawings, loud music, fancy buildings, drinking beer on tailgates, and the combination thereof.

Who do you think you are, anyway?
Andy Skoglund

Top ten factoids about you that even your co-workers may not know. Go.

  1. I’m pretty Swedish
  2. My parents were teachers
  3. I used to ride motocross bikes all day
  4. I can wheelie a motorcycle but not a bicycle
  5. I dropped out of graduate design school to become a woodworker
  6. I worked as a research engineer for the Department of Energy right after college
  7. I lived and worked in Germany for a while
  8. I’ve spent time homeless and it didn’t kill me
  9. I think chocolate chip ice cream is the best
  10. I paid my way through school working as a freelance illustrator

Who or what influences your behavior and why?
Other people’s attitudes and ideas influence my thinking and behavior. Expression and acceptance are all we have as a society.

What would you say your job is around here?
Engineer and bike designer. I design stuff and test stuff. I’ll ride that.

One sentence to say what you want to. Go.
Stress will kill you before what you’re afraid of will.